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HMS has been practicing safety measures before the pandemic. We are dedicated to making sure the safety and health are the priority of our learning environment. 


Temperature Check
HMS Staff and student’s temperature will be measured when arriving at the school. We will notify the parents if a student’s temperature is between 99.5F to 99.9F after three times of measurement with 15 minutes interval. If a student’s temperature is above 100F after three times of measurement with 15 minutes interval, we will contact the parents to arrange pick-up. Students with a fever of 100F and above will have to stay home until the symptom cannot be observed for at least 24 hours without the help of medication.


Mask Policy
HMS staff are required to wear masks the whole time when with students. Students attend the school are required to wear a mask when working inside the school. For safety, children will not be asked to wear a mask when playing outside, resting, and napping. 


Food, Water, and Snack
There will be no food works during work time, and only pre-packaged snacks will be provided at HMS. Please pack a water bottle with your children every day. Teachers will refill their water bottles as needed. The community water stations will be closed.


Classroom Space Arrangement
To maintain a safe distance inside the school building, all tables will be one-person during work time and two-person doing lunchtime with a barrier in the middle. 


Students/Appointment Only
Only HMS students and staff are allowed inside the school during school hours. For drop-off and pick-up other than carpool time, please wait at the door for a teacher to bring your children out. For After School Program, please come into the school from the south gate, ring the doorbell on our north back door, then wait at the door for a teacher to bring your children to you. Other personnel than students and staff can only come into the school building by appointment. They will be asked to wear a mask and conduct a temperature check.


Sanitizing Measures
Other than our routine cleaning and sanitizing, a UVC light will be used at the end of the day in all the classrooms and common areas. UVC light is proved to kill all viruses, germs, and bacteria in less than 30 minutes on all surfaces. 


Illness Exclusion
Please stay home if your child is not feeling well. For the health and safety of the community, please keep your child at home if you or anybody in your household is not feeling well. Please keep your child at home if you believe you or anybody in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 patients. 
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