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Oklahoma City Pre-K Option - New OKC Pre-K Choice for Families  

New Pre-K option for families who may have lost their transfer spot into an application Pre-K program in OKC Public Schools.

In early 2019, the Oklahoma City Public School System (OKCPS) implemented their much-discussed "Pathway to Greatness" program. The "P2G" program, as they call it, means that 15 Oklahoma City Public schools are closing their doors. This means new zones will be drawn for many elementary schools, so your child may be zoned for a different public elementary school than they were this year.

This also greatly impacts families who are currently attending a school for which they do not live in the district on a transfer basis. Several Oklahoma City Public elementary schools are very desirable and have a high number of transfer students attending from elsewhere in the district. With lines redrawn, more students may need to apply for transfers, even if they already attended that school this year.

OKCPS has said they will grandfather in any students in grade 4 or higher. So if your child is going into 4th grade or higher at a transfer school, they can keep attending.


But this presents a problem for parents with younger children, especially those hoping to enter public Pre-K at one of the better schools. 

OKCPS has said applications for transfers will be due in mid-April. They hope to inform families about approved or rejected transfers by the end of the school year.

If you were hoping to start your child at a preferred OKC Public school for Pre-K, it might be time to think about a backup plan, especially if they don't have an older sibling already enrolled. 

OKC Heartland Montessori serves children ages 3-6. This covers the Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten years for most children. We are centrally located near NW 63rd & May Ave. in Oklahoma City. We offer before and after school care for children of working parents. We have an 8:1 student teacher ratio.

If you didn't get into your preferred school for Pre-K, or you're looking for an alternative to public Pre-K in Oklahoma City, come take a tour of our school! Book a tour online or give us a call to schedule. 

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