Heartland Montessori School Classroom Update

Heartland Montessori School Classroom Update

Dear Classroom Families,

Thank you so much to families for making our first Earth Day so wonderful! We had such a nice time chatting with you at our no trash picnic about ideas on how to protect our Earth. In the classroom we have been talking about how important it is for friends to protect our environment by not wasting food/water, using our plastic items sparingly, and cleaning up trash when we make a mess.

Thank you everyone who donated gardening materials! Our potting soil, plant food, flowers, herbs, and tomatoes are wonderful additions to our plant life.

Ms. Emily, Avery’s mom, has been teaching everyone, teachers included, how to tend to a garden. She has guided students to plant strawberries on the playground and watermelons for our classroom window sill. Each morning friends take turns watering our watermelon seeds in the classroom and garden on our playground. Our watermelon seeds are already beginning to sprout!

Did you know watermelons can be more than just pink in the middle? Depending on the type of watermelon seed, watermelons can be orange, yellow, white, and many shades of pink/red. Due to the interest growing in the classroom, we now have a shelf on watermelon works including watermelon play dough, watermelon life cycle, watermelon color matching, watermelon flowers, nature tray, and many watermelon art works.

Friends' favorite watermelon work has been the felt board life cycle where we “plant a seed,” nurture it by giving it water and sunshine, and have it grow into a sprout, vine, flowered vine, green watermelon, and finally a ripe watermelon to harvest, cut up and eat. We can “save a seed” from the watermelon to plant for the next cycle.

Montessori Summer Camp: June 17th-August 2nd 7:45-3:30

Summer camp is available for sign up. Students will participate in art, nature, cooking, music, and yoga. Summer camp is from June 17th to August 2nd. Classes are 7:45am-3:30pm Monday through Friday. Aftercare will also be provided if needed until 5:00. Go here to sign up by the week or for the whole session. Half-days and/or just certain days a week are available, too, if you want a part-time schedule!


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