Here Comes December!

Here Comes December!

It has been a busy month! The classroom theme has shifted from fall and pumpkins to winter and Antartica. Children are working very hard in the classroom. They enjoy their freedom of choices and love being a part of the community. We observe them developing their concentration, coordination, order, and independence day by day!

December is a month of joy and appreciation. At school, we continue to encourage kindness in the community. A book we read during group time is called Have You Fill a Bucket Today? It talks about being kind to our friends. Children are welcome to put a rock in the glass to fill our community bucket when they show kindness to a work, a friend, a teacher, or the environment.

Cursive Learning

HMS is so proud to provide cursive learning experience to our children. Recently, Ohio passed a bill mandating students to write in cursive before going to 6th grade. According to research, learning to write and read from cursive is more friendly to children’s brain and writing muscles because of the natural movements and the continuity. Will my child recognize print? This is usually the biggest concern. We are confident to say, with the amount of input children are exposed to every day, YES, their brains just do it for them!

There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather

According to Linda Åkeson McGurk, the author of the book There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather and a Sweden-born mom who later moved to the US, there are only bad clothes. In Sweden, where the summer has an average temperature around 60F and -7F to 13F in winter, children play outside all year round. In addition, letting young babies nap outside in freezing temperatures is not only common but also recommend by physicians. Children love to play outside. Studies have also shown how significant it is between outside playtime and the development of brain, body, and intellect.

Therefore, cold weather will not stop us from going outside! Please send any outfit you think your child would need to enjoy the outside time!


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