June Classroom Update - End of the Year!

June Classroom Update - End of the Year!

Excitement is in the air with our last days are right around the corner! We have had a busy but productive few weeks. So many friends have been really into recording their works. There was an explosion of handwriting interest and many friends have been practicing their rainbow letters and inventive spelling on their artwork. We continue to watch our watermelon plant grow from a sprout in the classroom to now a small vine coming up in one of our hay barrels. Last week, we had our first bike day and friends had just a blast! We rope off a bit of the parking lot in the back for friends to ride around orange cones. It is great to see friends learning to balance and then gliding along the pavement.

Mr. Will brought us a song in Chinese called “Mo Li Hua” or “Jasmine Flower.” This song is a traditional folk song and our friends have been enjoying listening and singing along. Here is a link to the song we have been singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QZhJnDS3Vc

We have been tending to our garden, and friends are watering, weeding and checking on the plants every day. Each day brings a new flower, a new bug or something that has changed in the garden! Recently we released ladybugs into the garden as a form of natural pest control. Friends gently opened the containers and placed the ladybugs on the plants, where they will hopefully eat lots of aphids!

Our first tomatoes became ripe, and each day as they turned redder and redder, friends couldn't wait to pick them! When the time came, some friends picked the tomatoes, others washed and cut them, and others offered to friends for a snack. What fun to grow, prepare and eat your own food!

End of the Year Party Friday, June 7th

Our end of the year party is approaching. Families are invited to watch students work in their classroom and share stories from their year here at HMS.

Calendar reminders:

June 7th End of the year party

June 7th Last day of school

June 17th Summer School Begins

We would like to thank each and every one of you for attending our first year of HMS. This year has been such a joy as we watch your children learn and grow!


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