OKC Heartland Montessori Summer Specials

OKC Heartland Montessori Summer Specials

In the summer all kinds of different activities are offered in the morning at HMS! We want children to happily explore new ideas and materials throughout the summer. Here are a few examples:

Mondays- Outside/ Inside work time

In the summer HMS is focused on giving friends lots of opportunities to work together. Outside friends can pretend play, create in the sand, and use any of our playground equipment and materials.

Tuesdays- Yoga

Friends have been enjoying spending time with our yoga instructor practicing their balance, breathing, and stretches. It was been a treat to watch as friends learn where their bodies are in space and how to imitate the poses. The more practice children have with purposeful moving the more opportunity they will have to accomplish other motor activities.

Wednesdays- Art/ Bike Day

Children enjoy the freedom paint gives them in Ms. Allegra’s art class. The process of creation is truly an important part of children’s art rather than the end result. We also have been using our balance bikes outside. These are running bikes that help children learn how to balance and steer a bike. They do not have pedals which helps the child focus on building their balance awareness.

Thursdays- Outdoor Art

Thursdays are messy art day! Friends have spray painted paint creating beautiful masterpieces and put out their fabrics strips on the fence. Working together to complete a larger artwork promotes teamwork, cooperation and a feeling that the child is a part of a community.

Water play day is always a friend favorite. Fridays children come to school with their water play gear on and use our water tables, water wall funnels, shallow swimming pools, and the water hose sprinkler. During the down time we often see friends resting on their towels soaking in all the sunshine.


OKC Heartland Montessori School 

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