We loved April! The Importance of Children Gardening

We loved April! The Importance of Children Gardening

The weather is getting warmer, and we started gardening! We planted strawberries, watermelons, figs, and tomatoes!

Thank you HMS families for participating in our Earth Day No-Trash Picnic! We produced 0 trash! And thank you for all your flowers, plants, soil, and plant foods!

Importance of Children Gardening

HMS is doing gardening projects throughout the rest of this year, into the summer, and the beginning of next school year in the fall! Gardening is not only fun, but also very beneficial to a child’s development.

Gardening is an all-senses-experience. Children feel the dirt using their hands to plant the flowers, smell the flowers, see the transformation of plant growth, hear the pollinators, and harvest/taste the fruits when they are ready.

They will watch the garden grow, enjoy the calming view of greens and flowers, and observe the life cycle of butterflies and ladybugs. Friends will witness the importance of caring for their environment first hand. Gardening also provides opportunities for kinesthetic development, both fine motor and gross motor. Finally, gardening teaches children to take responsibilities for our Earth and provides a moment to appreciate Mother Nature.

Gardening is an ongoing project at HMS. We cannot wait to experience so many different aspects of gardening with our children.

OKCHMS students preparing flowers for our garden


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