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What Parents Say About OKC Heartland Montessori School

I cannot say enough good things about OKC Heartland Montessori School! Our daughter has been enrolled there since the beginning of 2019, and we have already seen SO MUCH growth in her. We are big  believers in the Montessori Method, and HMS has it perfected. The environment is so well-prepared for children to learn and explore at their own pace and in step with their own interests and stage of development.


Further, the teachers are PHENOMENAL. They understand how children relate--to one another and the environment around them--and work tirelessly to ensure a wonderful, enriching, and supportive environment for the children. They are kind, knowledgeable, and exactly the people you would want to trust your children's education with! We are so glad we found HMS and HIGHLY recommend them! 

~ Nick K., Oklahoma City

We are beyond happy with OKC Heartland Montessori School! Our daughter loves going every day and has already learned so much. Her confidence has improved in the few months she’s been going here and we’ve been incredibly impressed with her excitement and love for learning! Mrs. Mandy and Ms. Jessica are both amazing teachers that truly care about children. They even did a home visit to get to know our daughter in her own environment before we started at their school to make the transition to a new school much easier. We highly recommend HMS and are so lucky to be a part of this school!

Becky L., Oklahoma City

My granddaughter has attended Heartland Montessori School since it opened. I am delighted with everything she is learning but especially how she's learning to interact with other children. She's learning skills and concepts that will last her all her life.  In the few months she's been there I can tell a difference in how she deals with sharing and cooperating as well as learning to be calm instead of losing her temper and trying to rule every situation.  


The teachers are so amazing in the way they keep all the children moving through various activities which all just seem like games and fun until one realizes that every single thing they do has a purpose and a meaning for their development of language, motor skills and math and reading readiness.  

Lynn M., Oklahoma City

We searched high and low looking for a preschool for our daughter. Heartland Montessori is the most wonderful school we could imagine! The student/teacher ratio is low, so your child gets the individual attention to help them really grow and excel. This is a mixed-age classroom, with 3-6 year olds working side by side. I LOVE this. The older children teach and "mentor" the younger ones, which helps both of them learn things better. But best of all, everyone gets to work where they are individually right now. It's not "you should be doing xyz because you are 4" or anything like that. Every child works at his or her own pace.

If you're not familiar with Montessori, this may seem very different from a traditional school. I encourage you to come in and observe and visit with the children; you will see the difference. The classroom is orderly; they celebrate peace (when conflict arises, they use the Peace Rose), they clean up after themselves, they do for themselves independently whenever possible. The teachers here will be happy to explain to you about the Montessori method and how it differs, and its advantages.

I can't say enough about the teachers. They are experienced, capable, knowledgeable and confident, but also kind, infinitely approachable, funny, friendly and they genuinely love children and seeing them be their best. My daughter has always been reluctant to go to school...but not now. She loves her teachers so much and feels great about what she is doing every day, and I do too!

We've really seen a change in our daughter since she's been going here, too. She is calmer, she "uses her words" to explain feelings and frustrations, instead of having a tantrum. She is more polite and thoughtful.

Needless to say, we LOVE OKC Heartland Montessori and are treasuring our time there!

We are so glad we found HMS and HIGHLY recommend them! 

~ Emily G., Edmond

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